How Can I Tell If I Need A New Roof Or A Roof Repair?

Generally, if the roofing contractor installed the roof system correctly and it is in good shape, it can almost always be repaired. Leaking roofs can result from a minor issue that includes missing or loose roofing material. However, if the roof system was installed improperly, the roof failure is generally irreversible. For your sanity, make sure that the roofing contractor or company you chose is a licensed professional and can guarantee the work they perform on your house and/or business.

How Do I Recognize When A Roof Has Problems?

Problems that occur with a roof are, most often, discovered after a leak is visible or serious damage has already taken its course. It is wise to do and/or have a roof inspection done by a local licensed roofing contractor every year to protect your investment. Miller Roofing Services performs routine roof inspections and/or estimates that will advise you on the current condition of your roof. Having your roof inspected will ensure that elements of the roof are not missing, worn, or damaged. If roofing materials may need to be fixed and/or replaced, it is better to catch them sooner than later. Catching a roof leak sooner rather than later will probably result in a minor repair to your roof instead of a complete roof replacement. The outdoor signs that occur are cracked shingles, worn shingles, and missing shingles. The indoor signs that a roof may be damaged are cracked paint, discolored areas of a wall/ceiling, and peeling wallpaper.

How Will New Shingles Look On My Roof?

A new roof system is one of the best ways to improve your home's visual appeal and market value. Being Sacramento's top roofing contractor, Miller Roofing Services takes pride in the quality of the work that we deliver and makes sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the product and services we have provided.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Installation Of My New Roof?

Remove all loose items from walls and shelves. The constant hammering may cause enough vibration to shake these items down. Make sure to clear your driveway and items directly surrounding your home. Also, please see that electrical power is available to the outside of your home. If exterior plugs are not available, please run an extension cord through a window or door. Any professional roofing contractor and/or company will ensure that your garage and pool are tarped if you specify, and all extra material from the roof installation is cleaned up and disposed of properly.

How Long Does A Roofing Project Take?

A typical roof installation will last from 2-3 days from start to completion.

How Do I Pay For My New Roof?

Miller Roofing Services accepts check, cash, or credit cards.

What Type Of Warranty Do You Offer?

Depending on the type of shingles you purchase, a manufacturer's roof warranty is typically a lifetime warranty. For the first ten years, the material only is covered 100% from defects in the product. After ten years, the warranty drops to 80% for the material only and drops a further 2% per year after that. Miller Roofing Services guarantees the roofing material and workmanship against leaks for a period of (6) Six years.